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2009 Ford Fusion Headlight Bulb Size
Using the 2009 Ford Fusion bulb chart below, you can quickly identify the correct replacement lamp for all 22 positions of its lighting system.

Fog Light Bulb Front - H11 LED
Fog Light Bulb Front - H16 LED
Headlight Bulb Low Beam - H11
Center High Mount Stop Light Bulb - 921
Brake Light Bulb - 4157R
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front - 3457A
License Plate Light Bulb - 6418
Parking Light Bulb - 3457A
Tail Light Bulb - 4157R
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear - 4157
Back Up Reverse Light Bulb - 921
Side Marker Light Bulb Front - 168NA
Side Marker Light Bulb Rear - 194NA
Glove Box Light Bulb - 194
Glove Box Light Bulb - 7441
Trunk or Cargo Area Light - 211-2
Dome Light Bulb - 578
Map Light Bulb - 3886X
Door Mirror Illumination Light Bulb - 2825
Door Mirror Illumination Light Bulb - 98
Courtesy Light Bulb - 2825
Courtesy Light Bulb - 98

Replacing the headlights on a 2009 Ford Fusion is a relatively straightforward process that you can do with basic tools. Follow these steps to replace the headlight bulbs:

Tools and Materials Needed:
- New headlight bulbs (ensure they are compatible with a 2009 Ford Fusion)
- A Phillips head screwdriver
- A flathead screwdriver (optional)
- A pair of gloves (optional but recommended to avoid getting oils from your skin on the new bulbs)


1. Ensure Safety:
- Park the car on a flat surface and turn off the engine.
- Remove the keys from the ignition.
- Open the hood and secure it with the prop rod.

2. Locate the Headlight Assembly:
- The headlight assembly is situated at the front of the engine bay, directly behind the headlights.

3. Remove the Air Filter Box (Driver's Side Only):
- On the driver's side, you may need to remove the air filter box to access the headlight bulb.
- Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the clips holding the air filter cover in place.
- Lift the cover and remove the air filter.
- Unscrew the box and move it aside.

4. Access the Bulbs:
- Locate the back of the headlight assembly. There will be a round, plastic cover (also known as a dust cover) protecting the bulb area.
- Twist the dust cover counterclockwise to remove it and gain access to the bulb.

5. Disconnect the Electrical Connector:
- On the bulb, there will be an electrical connector. Gently pull it away to disconnect it from the bulb. You may need to push down a small tab or clip to release it.

6. Remove the Old Bulb:
- The headlight bulb is usually held in place by a locking ring or a retaining clip. If it’s a ring, twist it counterclockwise to release the bulb. If it’s a clip, unhook it carefully.

7. Install the New Bulb:
- Take the new bulb out of its packaging. Be careful not to touch the glass part with your fingers, as oils from your skin can shorten the bulb's lifespan. It's recommended to wear gloves or use a clean paper towel to handle the bulb.
- Insert the new bulb into the headlight assembly, matching the orientation and making sure it is seated correctly.
- Secure the bulb by twisting the locking ring clockwise or rehooking the retaining clip, depending on the type used.

8. Reconnect the Electrical Connector:
- Plug the electrical connector back into the new bulb. Ensure it’s securely connected.

9. Replace the Dust Cover:
- Place the dust cover back over the rear of the headlight assembly and twist it clockwise to secure it.

10. Reassemble Any Parts Removed:
- If you had to move the air filter box on the driver's side, place it back into position, secure it with screws, and reinstall the air filter and cover.
- Ensure that any clips or fasteners you removed are replaced properly.

11. Test the New Headlights:
- Turn on your car and test the new headlights to make sure they are functioning correctly. Check both the low and high beams.

12. Final Steps:
- Close the hood securely.
- Dispose of the old bulbs responsibly.

### Additional Tips:
- Check Alignment: After replacing the bulbs, it's a good idea to check the alignment of your headlights to ensure they are properly aimed.
- Do It Gently: Handle all components gently to avoid breaking any fragile parts, particularly the plastic clips and electrical connectors

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